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All About Me.

Hi, I’m Odette a creative wedding photographer.

I live in Staffordshire with my gorgeous husband, Chris, our youngest son, Callum and 2 crazy, funny adorable Spaniels Maddie & Maisie.

Rather than your normal about me page that I’m sure you’ve read plenty of, I asked my friends and family to describe who I am.

Here are some of the replies I received, some are a little stranger than others…..

“Not afraid to take a risk and has the most infectious smile and laugh. I’m lucky to have you as my friend.”


“An unquenchable lust for life and adventure!”

“The most down-to-earth, warm, loyal person I know.”

“A short sentence? You’re amazing and I would need a novel!”

“You have the personality of a Springer Spaniel in human form.”

“A Wonderful Woman” 

“A Wonderful Woman” 

“A Wonderful Woman” 

“A Wonderful Woman” 

“A Wonderful Woman” 

“A Wonderful Woman” 

Nine lesser known facts about me…

I can only breathe through one nostril and I didn’t discover this until I was in a yoga class and doing some breathing classes where you have to alternate holding one nostril to breathe through the other,, well that nearly ended up in disaster as I’m turning blue struggling to breathe!!

I love emotion driven, raw, honest, creative wedding photography. I strive to create images that will blow your mind, bring tears to your parents eyes and leave your friends in awe.

I hate having my photo taken, even more than you hate having your photo taken so I get you and together we have got this.

I’m not sure this is a lesser known fact as I think everybody who knows me knows this but I love dogs!!

I think I love my dogs more than most people

I found my love of photography from being a spy!

Well not quite but it was a surveillance course, my first assignment being to zoom in on the driver of one of those really huge cranes and there he was in all of his glorious white underpants!

I mean it was a hot day but still….. I’ve never used Zooms since, I’m a prime gal all day long.

I’m a terrible singer, I’m enthusiastic, but awful. When I worked in an office they used to turn the radio off when I walked in so I wouldn’t sing along. I promise not to sing at your wedding but I will dance!!

I love to laugh, I mean seriously tears strolling down my cheeks ugly laughing!! I laughed so hard once that I blew a snot bubble, my son still hasn’t forgiven me for this.

On an away day with my previous job we had to complete one of these personality quizzes and I was classed as an introverted extrovert meaning I enjoy social interaction but also need time alone to recharge and I think this sums me up perfectly.

I completed a photography project when I was starting out as I got so disheartened that we appear to live in a world where everything is portrayed as perfect and filtered. So I put a local FB ad out asking for women to come and have their portraits taken with no make up and no filters. I had to close the post within 24 hours as I was inundated with volunteers. I had the best time doing this with real courageous fun loving women who embraced life and themselves. I even had the local belly dancing group come round. I think I am a little anti-perfect and prefer raw and real.

I will have fun on your wedding day, I will eat your cake and get involved in the dance offs.

If you’ve booked me for the day… I will stay until the end, I won’t leg it after the first dance. My ethos is to envelope you in a blanket of care so that you have no worries from the moment you book until the end of your wedding day.

Tell me about your wedding!

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